General Information


Items to Bring Checklist

UNIFORMS – all NEW CAMPERS will receive their full Road Grey & Saturday Home Alternates (Ivory with red piping) uniforms at their lockers on Friday morning.  Additional items we provide will also be in your locker at that time – hats, socks, belts, t-shirt, shorts, gloves.

RETURNING CAMPERS – if you are NOT receiving a new uniform, do not forget to bring your ROAD GREY & SATURDAY HOME ALTERNATES (CREAM).  These are the uniforms we have used since Cooperstown 2017.  If you have not participated in a camp since Jupiter 2017, you will have a new uniform in your locker.  All previous uniform components (red jerseys, home whites, etc. will not be used at this camp. (Road Grey & Saturday Alternates from one of the following camps can be worn/brought to camp: Cooperstown 2017, Jupiter 2018, Cooperstown 2018, Jupiter 2019, and St. Louis 2019). If you have any questions about your uniform, if you are receiving a new one or not, please let us know.

Bring Your Own
• Baseball Shoes – Rubber Cleats ONLY or turf shoes. No metal spikes allowed.
• Personal Items – Sliding shorts, Cup, Shower Shoes
• Athletic shorts
• Undershirts – to wear under uniform or to use for down time, i.e. autograph session, lunch, when not playing
• Padlock – To lock up personal items in your locker.  
• Jacket/Hoodie – It may be cold during this time of year, especially at night, so we do not want you caught off-guard with the wind/cooler weather. Fantasy Camp provides a light-weight pullover.

Fantasy Camp Will Provide
• 1 Short Sleeve Shirt
• 1 Pair of Shorts
• 1 Pullover Hooded Light Sweatshirt
• 1 Pair socks
• 1 Belt
• 1 Hat
• 1 Pair of Batting Gloves (Will be in your Locker)
• 1 Small Duffle Bag (You will receive at Check-In)
Every Camper, even those bringing their uniforms back, will receive the items above.
• If you have any of these items of your own you wish to bring, you are welcome to do so.

Fantasy Camp will provide all baseball equipment for your use at camp – baseballs, bats, batting helmets, catching gear, pine tar & rosin bags.  You are welcome to bring your own bats, helmets, etc – but use at your own risk; we are not responsible if those items are damaged and we will not replace any broken items.  If you don’t want your favorite bat broken, I would suggest not bringing it to use at camp.

Allergies/Ailments/Medical Concerns:

• You might have filled this out on your registration form, but if you have any allergies, ailments, or medical concerns we should know about, please make sure to inform us ASAP.  We will provide this information to our Cardinals Training Room staff.
• If you are uncomfortable providing this information via email, we will have one of our trainers available at registration if you want to talk to them directly.  This will allow them to provide you the best care during camp should you have any injuries.

Hotel Rooms:

• Remember, if you have a request for additional nights or rooms at the hotel; please reach out to the hotel directly.  Just refer to the St. Louis Cardinals Fantasy Camp & camper name.  This will not give you a discounted room rate, but it will help them make sure to attach the rooms to the stay that we are providing you for the 5 nights of camp.  The room rates are determined by the hotel.  The referral to the camp and the camper’s name is merely to help them match the name that is already on our reserved list associated with the Fantasy Camp Package.

Deborah Richardson
Event Manager
Palm Beach Gardens Marriott
Direct Line: 561.630.1305


• We will have a CAMPER ONLY dinner & Autograph session on Friday night at the ballpark (6PM – 7:30PM).
• This will be your opportunity to have TWO items signed by each of the following: Ozzie Smith, Bruce Sutter, Whitey Herzog, Tim McCarver, Ted Simmons, Ray Lankford, Jason Isringhausen, & David Eckstein. 
• This autograph session will be the ONLY time for Hall of Famers to sign – please do not ask for autographs from Hall of Famers throughout camp.

§  Please be considerate of this specific session as well as these Alumni, and do not ask for additional items to be signed at other times throughout camp. 

• As far as the other Alumni, you are welcome to get more than 2 things signed, but please be considerate of their time, as well as other campers time, when asking for autographs during this event specifically.  In addition, please be mindful of the number of items you are asking the Alumni to sign throughout camp.  They are very accommodating to all requests, but please try not to bring a suitcase full of items for one guy to sign. J
• They will all be available during this designated autograph time to sign, but can sign throughout the week also. 
• Please also advise your guests to observe our autograph policy – this is an opportunity for campers only; especially the Hall of Famers & those with autograph restrictions (the 8 listed in the first bullet point above).